How It Works (for Online Services)

Step #1: Place your order based on the service you need, whether it’s a resume, cover letter or a package with multiple services.

Step #2: Once your order has been placed, a detailed questionnaire based on your service(s) of choice will be emailed to you. At that point, your Expert Career Consultant/Writer will be in touch with you via email. Once your questionnaire along with an old resume (if available) is emailed to your Writer, they will both be analyzed. If your writer has questions, they will shoot you an email.

Step #3: Finally, after all information is gathered, your services will be completed and returned to you for review within one business day! If you find any needed changes, your Writer will make those edits quickly and return your documents in both PDF and MS Word formats. It’s that simple! Place your order online today!

Don’t Want to Email Your Writer? Prefer a more Connected Service? Book a Phone Consultation Session!

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